Young Europeans Speak to EU

What opinion polls tell us

Figures and graphs in this report

  1. Young Europeans much more likely to have personally benefited from freedom of movement
  2. Only three in ten Europeans think the EU is doing enough to combat climate change
  3. Nearly three-quarters of Europeans agree that the EU would not be worth having without freedom of movement
  4. Freedom to travel is the most chosen top personal benefit of EU membership
  5. Almost half of French respondents agree that the freedom of movement has had more costs than benefits for France
  6. Fewer young Europeans believe the EU requires a well-guarded external border than older Europeans
  7. Europeans want EU border guards to prevent unlawful entry and fight cross-border crime
  8. Migration aspirations by EU member state in 2017 
  9. Most Europeans want carbon-neutral EU by 2030
  10. Europeans will drive or fly less, but reluctant to pay more tax to help combat climate change
  11. 53% of young Europeans think authoritarian states are better equipped than democracies to tackle the climate crisis
  12. To help combat climate change, two in three Europeans would support a ban on short flights to destinations that could be reached within 12 hours by train
  13. 76% of Europeans flew once a year or less within Europe (prior to the outbreak of Covid-19)
  14. Priorities of young Europeans (aged 15-30) in 2019
  15. 84% of Europeans support a mandatory minimum wage
  16. 71% of Europeans believe the state should give all citizens a basic income
  17. Young Europeans’ ideas on how to spend a potential Eurozone budget
  18. Percentage of young Europeans (aged 15-24) who believe the EU symbolises democracy
  19. Two-thirds of Europeans believe the EU should do more to uphold democratic institutions
  20. Only one-fifth of Europeans know who gives the EU State of the Union address
  21. Most Europeans think that the presence of the European Parliament is of secondary importance to delivering effective action
  22. European citizens consistently in favour of a common EU foreign policy
  23. Percentage who believe the EU should play a more active role in global affairs