Greg Bond

“The worst moment in recent European history has been the inability of the European Union, in particular…to find a coherent policy on migration and refugees." -Greg Bond
Time Question
0:02 Do you identify as a European?
0:34 What was your formative European moment?
1:47 What was the worst moment in recent European history?
2:27 What was the best moment in recent European history?
3:36 What is the single most important thing the EU has done for you personally?
4:33 What is the one thing you would most like the EU to have achieved by 2030?
8:02 What was the most striking finding from this project?
10:28 What differences did you notice between European and non-European students in their perception of the EU?
11:39 How could the EU further support these personal connections to EU identity?
12:57 How did your project 'European Narratives' impact the communication between your students?
15:42 Do you think we need to learn how to communicate our European stories?
16:19 Does the EU have a communication problem?
17:03 What other forms of collecting European stories and narratives do you picture? How could it be done on a larger scale?
18:13 What makes Europe, Europe?
19:07 How do you picture Europe in 30 years?