Personal Travel Experiences


Occupation: Politician and writer
Born: 1992
Occupation: Communications consultant
Location: Belgium
Born: 1991
Occupation: Freelance writer and journalist
Location: Hungary
Born: 1948
Occupation: Manager
Location: Italy
Occupation: Sociology student and activist
Location: Germany
Born: 1993
Occupation: Trainee
Location: Belgium
Born: 1992
Occupation: Historian
Location: Germany
Born: 1999
Occupation: Consultant and student
Location: Ukraine
Born: 1994
Occupation: Young European Ambassador
Location: Georgia
Born: 1954
Occupation: Concert promoter, artist, activist, teacher
Location: Turkey
Born: 1986
Occupation: Copywriter
Location: Hungary
Born: 1991
Occupation: Start-up team leader
Location: Poland
Born: 1985
Occupation: Lecturer and writer
Location: Portugal
Born: 1964
Occupation: Engineering consultant
Location: United Kingdom
Born: 1996
Occupation: Civil servant
Location: Hungary
Born: 1969
Occupation: Teacher
Whether inter-railing through Europe or moving across the continent for a new opportunity, travel has formed an essential part of many European experiences. The Schengen Agreement gives the privilege of freedom of movement to many eligible Europeans (with an EU passport or specific visa waiver), allowing them to circulate among 26 countries with very few restrictions.