Robert Habeck

“Climate change is the biggest threat for mankind we have right now...but I see progress.” -Robert Habeck
Time Question
0:02 Do you identify as a European?
0:13 What was your formative European moment?
0:48 What was the worst moment in recent European history?
1:15 What was the best moment in recent European history?
1:54 What is the single most important thing the EU has done for you personally?
2:38 What would you most like the EU to have achieved by 2030?
3:54 In our latest survey, we found that the overwhelming majority of Europeans think the EU is not doing enough to combat climate change. Do you agree?
5:30 How can the EU rise up to the challenge of setting more ambitious carbon emission targets?
6:45 In which climate policy-related areas would the Greens most push for change if they became part of the government?
8:13 What does this mean in terms of concrete policies?
10:09 In our latest survey, we found that nearly 2 in 3 Europeans would support a ban on short flights. Would you support such a ban?
10:45 You are a strong advocate of animal rights. What needs to change in the meat industry to make it more sustainable?
12:51 How do you think a German government with the Greens would affect climate policy on the EU level?
13:21 How could the dialogue between young Europeans and (European) politics be improved?
14:58 In your last book, you address the role of language in democracies. What role does language play when we talk about climate change?