Ivan Krastev

Chairman of Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia
“The most important thing that the European Union should achieve in 2030 is to stay together...I don’t believe the European Union should be taken for granted.” - Ivan Krastev
Time Question
0:02 Do you identify as a European?
1:04 What was your formative European moment?
3:23 What was, in your view, the worst moment in recent European history?
5:05 What was, in your view, the best moment in recent European history?
5:57 What is the single most important thing the EU has done for you personally?
6:59 What would you most like the EU to have achieved by 2030?
7:47 Is it just cultural homogeneity that predisposes young Eastern Europeans to anti-cosmopolitan views?
12:37 Why is there a growing perception that authoritarian systems can tackle global challenges (like climate change or the pandemic) more effectively than democracies?
15:39 Will the pandemic weaken nationalist movements and make people more appreciative of freedom of movement in the EU?
18:30 Would nationalist rhetoric lose its appeal if conserving Europe's historical and cultural diversity figured more prominently in the EU's outlook?
25:17 Why are the EU's normative standards losing appeal in countries that once longed to be in the EU?
32:01 What narrative should the EU adopt going forward in the post-pandemic world in order to stay together?