COVID-19 Pandemic



Occupation: Chairman of Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia
Occupation: Former President of Latvia
Born: 1989
Location: United Kingdom
Born: 1994
Location: Serbia
Born: 1993
Occupation: Online Editor
Location: Oxford
Born: 1990
Occupation: Logistics Manager, Political Activist
Born: 1991
Occupation: Young European Ambassador
Location: Armenia
Born: 1994
Occupation: Masters Student
Born: 1998
Occupation: Master Student, International Relations and Diplomacy
Born: 1991
Occupation: Researcher
Location: Spain
Born: 1999
Occupation: Student at Oxford University
Born: 1984
Occupation: Doctor and Former Regional MP
Location: Portugal
Born: 1965
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Spain
Born: 1993
Occupation: Postgraduate Student at the University of Oxford
In January 2020, Europe recorded the first known case of COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus. The virus, which can cause a severe cough, fever, and respiratory problems, emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and quickly spread around the world, killing thousands. As the virus spreads, European governments have implemented social-distancing measures and an unprecedented lock-down, requiring residents to stay inside. With the fear of continual spread, an economic downturn, and an uncertain future, COVID-19 has incited both worry and solidarity among Europeans.