Gideon Rachman

British Journalist and chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times
“Opportunities for individual people were opening up, the countries were becoming free...they very much saw joining the European Union as a crucial way of anchoring their new prosperity, their better hopes and their political freedoms and becoming part of a stronger collective.” -Gideon Rachman
Time Question
0:02 Do you identify as European?
0:30 Does being a Londoner make you more European?
1:44 What was your formative European moment?
3:42 How did your perception of the EU change when you were in Brussels?
5:56 What was the worst moment in recent European history?
7:13 Why do you think Britain should not have left the EU?
8:42 What is the best moment in recent European history?
10:17 What is the single most important thing the EU has done for you personally?
10:53 What would you most like the EU to have achieved by 2030?
11:45 How do you think that could be achieved?
12:48 How do you think the EU can survive?
14:46 Do you think the EU needs to make instituional changes in order to survive?
16:22 What are the biggest threats the EU is facing today?
18:14 What external threats is the EU facing?
20:27 Could you picture that happening?