Agnieszka Holland

"The worst that I could observe in Europe during my life, it was the indifference to the crimes against humanity, the genocides, and the lack of empathy and solidarity with other continents and with other races and religions." - Agnieszka Holland on the worst moments in European history
Time Question
0:02 Do you identify as a European?
0:15 What was your formative European moment?
1:53 What was the worst moment in recent European history?
3:09 What was the best moment in recent European history?
4:18 What is the single most important thing the EU has done for you personally?
6:09 What is the one thing you would most like the EU to have achieved by 2030?
9:11 How likely do you think a 'Polexit' scenario is?
12:23 Why are you so optimistic about the new generation?
14:58 Poland is witnessing its largest ever mobilisation of women against the new anti-abortion law. Do you think they will be successful in overriding this ban?
17:11 Regarding the struggle of women in Poland against the anti-abortion law, do you think the EU should be doing more? If so, what do you think the EU could do to help?
20:21 What movie in your opinion best portrays European values (excluding your films)?