Studying abroad - Erasmus established



Born: 1992
Occupation: Student
Born: 1989
Occupation: University assistant
Location: Germany
Born: 1991
Occupation: Company manager
Location: Poland
Born: 1999
Occupation: Business Analyst
Location: Belarus
Born: 1987
Occupation: Manager of a think tank
Location: Germany
Born: 1992
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Location: Spain
Born: 1998
Occupation: Full-time student at Oxford
Location: Oxford
Born: 1994
Occupation: Research Centre Manager
Born: 1998
Occupation: Master Student, International Relations and Diplomacy
Born: 1975
Occupation: Civil Servant
Location: Ukraine
Born: 1991
Occupation: Public sector consultant
Location: Germany
Born: 1984
Occupation: Member of the European Parliament
Location: Belgium
Born: 1996
Occupation: Management student
Location: France
Born: 1987
Occupation: Illustrator, comic author, designer
Location: Italy
Born: 1993
Occupation: Real estate entrepreneur/ former engineer
Location: Austria
The 1987 development of the Erasmus student exchange program provided university students across the European Union the opportunity to live and study in a different country. Erasmus scholarships opened new cultural, linguistic, and experiential doors to students across the EU.