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Below you can find a selection of texts that have inspired this project and present some of its key findings.

What Europeans say they will do to combat climate change

This report on our EU-wide poll conducted by eupinions in September 2020 shows that most Europeans say they are open to making significant changes in some areas of their lives to help combat climate change.

In Crisis, Europeans Support Radical Positions

This report on our EU-wide poll conducted by eupinions in March 2020 highlights how Europeans have embraced more radical positions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and climate emergency.


What stories does Europe tell?

This short essay by Selma Kropp, our former Research Manager, offers a reflection on the project’s milestones from early 2019 to the summer of 2020.

From Brussels with love: How the European Union can win the battle of narratives

Our academic associate Julia De Clerck-Sachsse argues that the EU has a good story to tell, but that to appeal to a wider audience, it needs to speak to emotions as well as reason.

To save the EU, its leaders must first focus on saving the planet

Three of our student team explore the need to deliver on climate action, if young people are to keep their faith in European and national institutions.

Europe belongs to the young?

Fabian Lauterbach and Catherine de Vries take a close look at the impact of the Eurozone crisis on attitudes towards the EU across member states and generations.

Europe’s true stories

This article by Timothy Garton Ash suggests that a new European story should be woven from six strands, each of which addresses a shared European goal: freedom, peace, law, prosperity, diversity and solidarity.

European stories

An important book edited by Justine Lacroix and Kalypso Nicolaidis on the long history of the 'European idea' and the variety of national versions of the European story across the continent.